Source code for kasa.modules.ambientlight

"""Implementation of the ambient light (LAS) module found in some dimmers."""
from .module import Module

# TODO create tests and use the config reply there
# [{"hw_id":0,"enable":0,"dark_index":1,"min_adc":0,"max_adc":2450,
# "level_array":[{"name":"cloudy","adc":490,"value":20},
# {"name":"overcast","adc":294,"value":12},
# {"name":"dawn","adc":222,"value":9},
# {"name":"twilight","adc":222,"value":9},
# {"name":"total darkness","adc":111,"value":4},
# {"name":"custom","adc":2400,"value":97}]}]

[docs]class AmbientLight(Module): """Implements ambient light controls for the motion sensor."""
[docs] def query(self): """Request configuration.""" return self.query_for_command("get_config")
@property def presets(self) -> dict: """Return device-defined presets for brightness setting.""" return["level_array"] @property def enabled(self) -> bool: """Return True if the module is enabled.""" return bool(["enable"])
[docs] async def set_enabled(self, state: bool): """Enable/disable LAS.""" return await"set_enable", {"enable": int(state)})
[docs] async def current_brightness(self) -> int: """Return current brightness. Return value units. """ return await"get_current_brt")
[docs] async def set_brightness_limit(self, value: int): """Set the limit when the motion sensor is inactive. See `presets` for preset values. Custom values are also likely allowed. """ return await"set_brt_level", {"index": 0, "value": value})