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"""Cloud module implementation."""
from pydantic import BaseModel

from .module import Module

class CloudInfo(BaseModel):
    """Container for cloud settings."""

    binded: bool
    cld_connection: int
    fwDlPage: str
    fwNotifyType: int
    illegalType: int
    server: str
    stopConnect: int
    tcspInfo: str
    tcspStatus: int
    username: str

[docs]class Cloud(Module): """Module implementing support for cloud services."""
[docs] def query(self): """Request cloud connectivity info.""" return self.query_for_command("get_info")
@property def info(self) -> CloudInfo: """Return information about the cloud connectivity.""" return CloudInfo.parse_obj(["get_info"])
[docs] def get_available_firmwares(self): """Return list of available firmwares.""" return self.query_for_command("get_intl_fw_list")
[docs] def set_server(self, url: str): """Set the update server URL.""" return self.query_for_command("set_server_url", {"server": url})
[docs] def connect(self, username: str, password: str): """Login to the cloud using given information.""" return self.query_for_command( "bind", {"username": username, "password": password} )
[docs] def disconnect(self): """Disconnect from the cloud.""" return self.query_for_command("unbind")