Source code for kasa.modules.module

"""Base class for all module implementations."""
import collections
import logging
from abc import ABC, abstractmethod
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

from ..exceptions import SmartDeviceException

    from kasa import SmartDevice

_LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)

# TODO: This is used for query construcing
def merge(d, u):
    """Update dict recursively."""
    for k, v in u.items():
        if isinstance(v,
            d[k] = merge(d.get(k, {}), v)
            d[k] = v
    return d

[docs]class Module(ABC): """Base class implemention for all modules. The base classes should implement `query` to return the query they want to be executed during the regular update cycle. """ def __init__(self, device: "SmartDevice", module: str): self._device: "SmartDevice" = device self._module = module
[docs] @abstractmethod def query(self): """Query to execute during the update cycle. The inheriting modules implement this to include their wanted queries to the query that gets executed when Device.update() gets called. """
@property def data(self): """Return the module specific raw data from the last update.""" if self._module not in self._device._last_update: raise SmartDeviceException( f"You need to call update() prior accessing module data for '{self._module}'" ) return self._device._last_update[self._module] @property def is_supported(self) -> bool: """Return whether the module is supported by the device.""" if self._module not in self._device._last_update: _LOGGER.debug("Initial update, so consider supported: %s", self._module) return True return "err_code" not in
[docs] def call(self, method, params=None): """Call the given method with the given parameters.""" return self._device._query_helper(self._module, method, params)
[docs] def query_for_command(self, query, params=None): """Create a request object for the given parameters.""" return self._device._create_request(self._module, query, params)
def __repr__(self) -> str: return f"<Module {self.__class__.__name__} ({self._module}) for {}>"