Source code for kasa.modules.motion

"""Implementation of the motion detection (PIR) module found in some dimmers."""
from enum import Enum
from typing import Optional

from ..exceptions import SmartDeviceException
from .module import Module

class Range(Enum):
    """Range for motion detection."""

    Far = 0
    Mid = 1
    Near = 2
    Custom = 3

# TODO: use the config reply in tests
# {"enable":0,"version":"1.0","trigger_index":2,"cold_time":60000,
# "min_adc":0,"max_adc":4095,"array":[80,50,20,0],"err_code":0}}}

[docs]class Motion(Module): """Implements the motion detection (PIR) module."""
[docs] def query(self): """Request PIR configuration.""" return self.query_for_command("get_config")
@property def range(self) -> Range: """Return motion detection range.""" return Range(["trigger_index"]) @property def enabled(self) -> bool: """Return True if module is enabled.""" return bool(["enable"])
[docs] async def set_enabled(self, state: bool): """Enable/disable PIR.""" return await"set_enable", {"enable": int(state)})
[docs] async def set_range( self, *, range: Optional[Range] = None, custom_range: Optional[int] = None ): """Set the range for the sensor. :param range: for using standard ranges :param custom_range: range in decimeters, overrides the range parameter """ if custom_range is not None: payload = {"index": Range.Custom.value, "value": custom_range} elif range is not None: payload = {"index": range.value} else: raise SmartDeviceException( "Either range or custom_range need to be defined" ) return await"set_trigger_sens", payload)
@property def inactivity_timeout(self) -> int: """Return inactivity timeout in milliseconds.""" return["cold_time"]
[docs] async def set_inactivity_timeout(self, timeout: int): """Set inactivity timeout in milliseconds. Note, that you need to delete the default "Smart Control" rule in the app to avoid reverting this back to 60 seconds after a period of time. """ return await"set_cold_time", {"cold_time": timeout})