Source code for kasa.smartlightstrip

"""Module for light strips (KL430)."""
from typing import Any, Dict, List, Optional

from .credentials import Credentials
from .effects import EFFECT_MAPPING_V1, EFFECT_NAMES_V1
from .smartbulb import SmartBulb
from .smartdevice import DeviceType, SmartDeviceException, requires_update

[docs]class SmartLightStrip(SmartBulb): """Representation of a TP-Link Smart light strip. Light strips work similarly to bulbs, but use a different service for controlling, and expose some extra information (such as length and active effect). This class extends :class:`SmartBulb` interface. Examples: >>> import asyncio >>> strip = SmartLightStrip("") >>> >>> print(strip.alias) KL430 pantry lightstrip Getting the length of the strip: >>> strip.length 16 Currently active effect: >>> strip.effect {'brightness': 50, 'custom': 0, 'enable': 0, 'id': '', 'name': ''} .. note:: The device supports some features that are not currently implemented, feel free to find out how to control them and create a PR! See :class:`SmartBulb` for more examples. """ LIGHT_SERVICE = "smartlife.iot.lightStrip" SET_LIGHT_METHOD = "set_light_state" def __init__( self, host: str, *, port: Optional[int] = None, credentials: Optional[Credentials] = None, timeout: Optional[int] = None, ) -> None: super().__init__(host, port=port, credentials=credentials, timeout=timeout) self._device_type = DeviceType.LightStrip @property # type: ignore @requires_update def length(self) -> int: """Return length of the strip.""" return self.sys_info["length"] @property # type: ignore @requires_update def effect(self) -> Dict: """Return effect state. Example: {'brightness': 50, 'custom': 0, 'enable': 0, 'id': '', 'name': ''} """ return self.sys_info["lighting_effect_state"] @property # type: ignore @requires_update def effect_list(self) -> Optional[List[str]]: """Return built-in effects list. Example: ['Aurora', 'Bubbling Cauldron', ...] """ return EFFECT_NAMES_V1 if self.has_effects else None @property # type: ignore @requires_update def state_information(self) -> Dict[str, Any]: """Return strip specific state information.""" info = super().state_information info["Length"] = self.length if self.has_effects: info["Effect"] = self.effect["name"] return info
[docs] @requires_update async def set_effect( self, effect: str, *, brightness: Optional[int] = None, transition: Optional[int] = None, ) -> None: """Set an effect on the device. If brightness or transition is defined, its value will be used instead of the effect-specific default. See :meth:`effect_list` for available effects, or use :meth:`set_custom_effect` for custom effects. :param str effect: The effect to set :param int brightness: The wanted brightness :param int transition: The wanted transition time """ if effect not in EFFECT_MAPPING_V1: raise SmartDeviceException(f"The effect {effect} is not a built in effect.") effect_dict = EFFECT_MAPPING_V1[effect] if brightness is not None: effect_dict["brightness"] = brightness if transition is not None: effect_dict["transition"] = transition await self.set_custom_effect(effect_dict)
[docs] @requires_update async def set_custom_effect( self, effect_dict: Dict, ) -> None: """Set a custom effect on the device. :param str effect_dict: The custom effect dict to set """ if not self.has_effects: raise SmartDeviceException("Bulb does not support effects.") await self._query_helper( "smartlife.iot.lighting_effect", "set_lighting_effect", effect_dict, )