Supported features

  • Turning on and off

  • Setting brightness, color temperature, and color (in HSV)

  • Querying emeter information

  • Transitions

  • Presets

Currently unsupported

  • Setting the default transitions

  • Timers


Feel free to open a pull request to add support for more features!


All commands changing the bulb state can be accompanied with a transition, e.g., to slowly fade the light off. The transition time is in milliseconds, 0 means immediate change. If no transition value is given, the default setting as configured for the bulb will be used.


Accepted values are command (and potentially bulb) specific, feel free to improve the documentation on accepted values.

Example: While KL130 allows at least up to 15 second transitions for smooth turning off transitions, turning it on will not be so smooth.

Command-line usage

All command-line commands can be used with transition period for smooth changes.

Example: Turn the bulb off over a 15 second time period.

$ kasa --type bulb --host <host> off --transition 15000

Example: Change the bulb to red with 20% brightness over 15 seconds:

$ kasa --type bulb --host <host> hsv 0 100 20 --transition 15000

API documentation


alias of IotBulb


alias of LightPreset

class kasa.iot.iotbulb.BehaviorMode(value, names=None, *values, module=None, qualname=None, type=None, start=1, boundary=None)[source]

Enum to present type of turn on behavior.

Last = 'last_status'

Return to the last state known state.

Preset = 'customize_preset'

Use chosen preset.

class kasa.iot.iotbulb.TurnOnBehaviors(*, soft_on: TurnOnBehavior, hard_on: TurnOnBehavior)[source]

Model to contain turn on behaviors.

hard: TurnOnBehavior

The behavior when the bulb has been off from mains power.

soft: TurnOnBehavior

The behavior when the bulb is turned on programmatically.

class kasa.iot.iotbulb.TurnOnBehavior(*, index: Optional[int] = None, mode: BehaviorMode)[source]

Model to present a single turn on behavior.

  • preset (int) – the index number of wanted preset.

  • mode (BehaviorMode) – last status or preset mode. If you are changing existing settings, you should not set this manually.

To change the behavior, it is only necessary to change the preset field to contain either the preset index, or None for the last known state.

class Config[source]

Configuration to make the validator run when changing the values.

validate_assignment = True
mode: BehaviorMode

Wanted behavior

preset: Optional[int]

Index of preset to use, or None for the last known state.